Wellness Packages

Save money, gain peace of mind! Preventative care is your best defense against disease. With canine and feline wellness packages ranging from puppy/kitten all the way through senior care, each package is thoughtfully designed for each stage of your companion's life. Our curated, value-packed wellness packages provide the most thorough protection for your pet! 

Canine Wellness Packages: (all packages include an exam)

The Legal Beagle- $86.50

The Embarker- First Puppy Visit $115.50

The Whippet- Second Puppy Visit $152.50 

The Bone-a-fide- Final Puppy Visit $185.50 

The Odie- Basic Adult Canine $177.50

The Royal Canine- Premier Adult Canine $280.50  

The Tails-Waggin- Senior Basic Canine $261.50

The Land Rover- Senior Premier Canine $352.50 

Feline Wellness Packages: (all packages include an exam)

The Legal Leo- $86.50

The Hello Kitty- First Kitten Visit $115.50

The Naked Cat- Second Kitten Visit $142.50

The Fur-Nally- Final Kitten Visit $146.50

The Garfield- Basic Adult $155.50

The Aristocat- Premier Adult Feline $228.50 

The Cat-illac- Senior Basic Feline $261.50

The Jaguar- Senior Premier Feline $352.50


Proper nutrition is the building block for a healthy, happy pet! From disease prevention, immunity, digestion, healthier skin and more, diet management is where it's at! Premier Pet Clinic is proud to offer multiple options of both non-prescription and prescription foods. 

Online Pharmacy 

Vaccines and Parasite Prevention

Why Are Vaccines Important?

Vaccinating your pet is crucial for several reasons, as it helps protect them from potentially serious and sometimes fatal diseases. Here are some key reasons why pet vaccination is important:

Prevention of Disease: Vaccinations are designed to stimulate the immune system and help the body recognize and fight specific viruses or bacteria. By vaccinating your pet, you provide protection against various infectious diseases that can be severe or even deadly.

Public Health: Some diseases that affect animals can also be transmitted to humans. These diseases are referred to as "zoonotic". Vaccinating your pet not only protects them but also helps prevent the spread of diseases that have the potential to affect human health.

Protecting Young Animals: Puppies and kittens are especially vulnerable to infectious diseases. Vaccination schedules typically start at a young age to provide early protection while the immune system is still developing.

Peace of Mind for Pet Owners: Knowing that your pet is protected against preventable diseases offers peace of mind and it allows you to enjoy a closer and healthier relationship with your animal!

Diagnostics and Bloodwork

Our calm, compassionate team of professionals will explain all of the diagnostic procedures we run on your pet so that you feel comfortable and informed about your pet's treatment. Dr. Musgrove and Dr. Mosier may need to refer you to a specialist for some treatments, however, they conduct many diagnostic tests in-house, including comprehensive allergy testing. Our goal is to ensure the best possible care and treatment for your pet through accurate and effective diagnostic testing. 

Comprehensive Physical Exams

Our team is ready to support you throughout every stage of your pet’s life, from puppy and kitten years to seniorhood. Our comprehensive physical exams are performed during wellness visits to ensure we have a complete understanding of your pet’s health and can provide the best care.


Most vets will recommend that pets have their teeth cleaned once a year at minimum and ideally twice a year. This will help your pet avoid tooth pain, bad breath, and sore gums. We, at Premier Pet Clinic, will also perform a thorough examination of your pet's teeth when they come in for a cleaning to make sure they do not have a tooth infection or another serious condition. A tooth infection could potentially be a serious threat to your pet's health. Dogs and cats require general anesthesia for a proper dental cleaning and every dental we perform includes full dental x-rays. This is standard procedure to gather further information about your pet's health and this practice gives alert to any potential serious diseases or problems that could be causing pain for your pet. 

Exotic Pets

Dr. Musgrove is happy to see a variety of species, including pocket pets and exotics such as reptiles, rabbits, guinea pigs, etc. 

Therapeutic Laser

Seeing a growing integration of technology in healthcare, cold laser therapy is providing a far more viable and non-invasive treatment for pets, while creating a lower-cost alternative treatment for pet owners. Unlike hot laser treatment - which essentially involves burning or damaging heat treatment to the targeted area - the cold laser stimulates a pet’s cell regeneration in a treated area with the use of intense light. This kind of treatment also triggers blood circulation, long known to be integral to natural healing via the pet’s immune system. 

At Premier Pet Clinic, we work to provide our clients with as many treatment options as we can. Historically used to treat humans, cold laser treatment is becoming very common in treating pet patients suffering from muscle issues, arthritis, and wounds that aren’t healing properly due to constriction or poor circulation. Most sessions only last a few minutes to a half-hour at the most. When preparing for therapeutic laser treatment, the animal does not require any shaving for the treatment area and no sedation is required to treat. Our veterinary team will prep your pet and apply the treatment in a calm and safe environment.

Surgical Procedures

Our DVM's are skilled in many different surgical procedures. The options listed below are just a few of the most common surgeries they perform: